5 Myths about Surrogacy


When people don’t know much about something, many people fill in the gaps with fictions. Debunking myths of all kinds has become almost a necessity these days. Surrogacy in this case is no exception.

Our list presents the most famous myths about surrogacy. And here they are also responsibly refuted.

Myth 1: It’s all illegal.

In fact, surrogacy in different countries is clearly justified by different norms and laws.

Myth 2: Surmaternity is like the slave trade, the object of which is children.

But does a surmother give her own child to the parents-customers? No, basically it is the biological child of the parents who turned to her. Alternatively, it could be the result of donation. But no woman is allowed to be both an oocyte donor and a surrogate.

Myth 3: “Surrogate” children are contrary to nature; they may even be mutants.

Meanwhile, reproductive technology specialists actually reproduce the processes of conception and pregnancy. It’s just that they do it in the laboratory.

Myth 4: Survivorhood was invented for rich career women, who are sorry for their time and want to save their bodies from the consequences of childbirth.

What if to imagine that one in five couples in the world simply can’t have children naturally? For them, reproductive technology is not a blessing, but a real salvation.

Myth 5: Adoption is the best way to solve the problem of infertility.

May all adoptive parents, guardians, and their children be happy. However, there is still no blood kinship in such families. Surrogacy, on the other hand, allows people to become parents of their own child (or at least one of the parents, as in donation).

Such myths about surrogacy have long been ridiculed by reproductive technology specialists. If you don’t believe it, find out about it at our EVA fertility agency directly.

How does surrogacy go from theory to reality?

The existing myths about surrogacy raise many doubts: is it worth trying and will there be no disappointments? Yes, the decision to apply to a surrogate does not promise cloudless parenthood. But if you apply to a reliable agency or clinic, all the stages of participation in the surrogacy program will proceed in an optimal way and with the best result. And then you will understand: no myths about surrogacy can interfere with your happiness.

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