The surrogacy process is designed to offer comprehensive support to intended parents and their surrogates throughout the entire journey. A team of empathetic specialists guides individuals through each stage, ensuring seamless navigation of the surrogacy process. From coordinating with fertility centers to managing daily interactions between intended parents and the surrogate, every detail is carefully overseen to facilitate a successful surrogacy experience.

The surrogacy journey comprises six fundamental stages, spanning from the inception of your endeavor to welcoming your newborn into your home.

As surrogacy facilitators, we provide support throughout each phase, allowing prospective parents like you and your partner to experience the joy of family formation and the arrival of your baby. This represents contemporary assistance in welcoming new life into the world.

Exploring Surrogacy: a path to creating a family

Altruism. Nearly 90% of surrogate mothers derive fulfillment from their altruistic acts. They manifest this inclination through tangible deeds. For example, over 50% engage in regular volunteer work, and close to half are enrolled as blood and organ donors.

Timing. The timing must align perfectly for embarking on a surrogacy agreement. More than 80% of women contemplating surrogacy meticulously assess the timing in relation to their family plans and seek support from their inner circle to validate their decision.

Compassion. A significant majority, amounting to two-thirds, of surrogate mothers possess firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by friends or family members dealing with infertility.

Financial Motivation. The financial aspect of the gestational surrogacy process holds substantial significance for surrogate mothers. A majority exceeding 60% acknowledge its role in establishing a financial safety net, facilitating debt repayment, and securing their family’s future.

    Planning for the Surrogacy Process: Three-Step Approach to Preparation

    Assessing Your Starting Point. Individuals are encouraged to share insights about themselves, enabling surrogacy facilitators to collaboratively construct a tailored roadmap for intended parents. This personalized plan aims to provide the emotional, financial, and logistical support necessary for their forthcoming journey into parenthood. Rest assured, all information provided is treated with the utmost confidentiality, respecting individuals’ privacy.

    Establishing Realistic Expectations. Prospective parents gain insight from others who have successfully navigated the path to family expansion through collaboration with a gestational surrogate or carrier. Firsthand accounts offer candid perspectives on the journey ahead. Through detailed discussions, surrogacy facilitators delve into individuals’ aspirations for the future and past encounters, crafting a journey that not only aligns with but exceeds their expectations.

    Developing a Tailored Roadmap. Together, prospective parents and surrogacy facilitators embark on strategic planning and prearrangement of the surrogacy voyage. Guidance is provided in comprehending the financial and legal prerequisites, elucidating the intricacies of the All-In Program, and presenting alternative options tailored to specific needs. Commitment to transparency ensures that all terms and conditions are conveyed clearly, fostering understanding and informed decision-making.

    Your Surrogacy Agency: Facilitating the Match with a Qualified Surrogate

    As specialized surrogacy agencies, we emphasize helping people find surrogate mothers who are in good health and qualified. This process occurs in four main stages:

    Beginning of the journey: After using our services to facilitate the process of hiring and selecting a surrogate mother, people will begin making an initial payment. It is important to note that this payment remains fully refundable until the surrogate partner is accepted.

    Developing Compatible Relationships: Each person is assigned a designated matching expert to help them utilize our unique Matching Matters® matching methodology. Our goal is to quickly connect people with a carefully selected surrogate who not only meets the health and qualifications criteria but also shares their values and expectations regarding the nature of the desired relationship. Our efficient approach typically results in successful matches within an average of 16 weeks, eliminating long periods of waiting and uncertainty.

    Securing Financial Resources: After the match, people begin to create an escrow account to safely store all funds needed for surrogacy. This provides peace of mind to both the individual and the surrogate, knowing that the financial resources needed for the trip are protected.

    Guide support: Participants are introduced to a dedicated ConceiveAbilities match manager who is their main point of contact throughout the match. With unwavering dedication, the Match Manager, along with the entire Match Team, provides guidance and support as people progress step by step along the journey.

    Initiating Surrogate Pregnancy: Embryo Transfer via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

    Supporting Your Surrogate. Recognizing the significant impact of the surrogate mother’s well-being on the baby’s health, comprehensive emotional support is prioritized throughout her journey.At this critical stage, as the reality of the journey unfolds, the surrogate is introduced to the Surrogate Sisterhood—a private community of women actively engaged in their surrogacy journeys. Here, she finds comfort in connecting with a network of empathetic supporters who understand the demands of the journey.

    Medical Evaluation by Your Clinic. Your fertility clinic conducts an independent assessment of the surrogate’s qualifications. Utilizing ConceiveAbilities’ extensive experience and meticulous screening process, overseen by licensed nursing professionals, ensures a satisfactory review. Remarkably, over 95% of surrogates successfully pass the medical evaluation on their initial attempt.

    Clearance for Embryo Transfer. While the surrogate undergoes medical evaluation by the fertility clinic, you and she formalize a legal contract outlining the terms of the surrogacy arrangement, including services, payments, and other essential provisions. The team facilitates coordination of all pertinent details, such as health insurance and necessary paperwork, in collaboration with professionals supporting the journey. Pre-pregnancy disbursements to the surrogate commence during this phase.

    Embryo Transfer Procedure. In preparation for the embryo transfer, the surrogate’s body undergoes medical preparation for in vitro fertilization (IVF). She receives comprehensive information regarding the medical protocol, restrictions, and expectations during this period and initiates specific medications. Once the embryo transfer is completed, and the medical team confirms the presence of a fetal heartbeat for the second time, the pregnancy is deemed “established.”

    in vitro fertilization process

      Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival: Embracing the Growth of Your Family

      Anticipation mounts as the arrival of your baby draws closer—a momentous occasion that fills both intended mothers and fathers with boundless excitement. Here are several steps to consider as you prepare for this joyous event:

      Transitioning Surrogate to Obstetrician. As the pregnancy progresses, your fertility clinic will determine the optimal timing for transferring responsibility for your surrogate’s medical care and procedures, as well as your baby’s, to an obstetrician. Your surrogate will begin attending regular appointments with the obstetrician, while you maintain consistent communication with her and receive unwavering support from your dedicated match manager.

      Crafting a Birth Plan. In the middle of your surrogate’s pregnancy, we collaborate with you and your surrogate to create a Birth Plan—a significant milestone aimed at ensuring preparedness for the delivery of your baby. A crucial aspect of the Birth Plan involves reviewing the legal parentage process to ensure the proper establishment of your parental rights.

      Celebrating the Birth. We are honored to witness the touching and joyful moment when your child comes into the world.

      Bringing Your Baby Home. After the birth, your baby accompanies you home, equipped with a birth certificate and, if necessary, a passport for international travel. At long last, the awaited moment has arrived!

      Concluding the Surrogacy Journey: Fulfillment of Your Dreams

      At last, the culmination of your surrogacy journey is reached, and your cherished dreams come to fruition. As you prepare to close this chapter, there are a few final aspects to consider:

      Continued Support. Our surrogacy agency remains dedicated to ensuring that your surrogate receives the necessary support as your journey comes to an end. We prioritize her physical and emotional well-being, facilitating post-pregnancy payments to allow her to focus on her recovery.

      Financial Settlement. We meticulously handle the settlement of financial matters, ensuring that all funds are appropriately accounted for. Your escrow account is closed with diligence, and any remaining funds are promptly returned to you.

      Embarking on a New Journey. While the surrogacy journey is both challenging and unique, it is also profoundly rewarding. Did you know that 56% of our surrogates express a keen interest in embarking on a repeat journey, while 78% are eager to refer a friend to become a surrogate? Their firsthand experience as surrogates serves as the primary motivator behind this strong inclination. Similarly, many intended parents contemplate a sibling journey and eagerly refer friends to embark on their own surrogacy journeys.

      We stand ready to support you as you contemplate new endeavors, whether it involves embarking on another journey of your own or inspiring others to start their surrogacy journeys.

      Surrogacy Process FAQs

      Intended parents seek out agencies that demonstrate expertise across all aspects of gestational surrogacy. It’s essential to ensure that three vital components are integral to the program. These components include licensed clinical, psychological, financial, and legal professionals who are exclusively dedicated to the agency’s program and actively involved in every surrogacy engagement. This comprehensive, full-service approach guarantees that you receive the attention and accountability necessary in an industry where services or expertise may be fragmented. A comprehensive agency like ConceiveAbilities offers support at every stage of the surrogacy journey, from prescreening surrogate mothers to managing the escrow account and everything in between.

      The majority of surrogate mother applicants initially apply to the nation’s largest surrogate agencies. Rigorous screening processes often result in many rejected candidates seeking placement on independent “matching” forums, where they may withhold information that led to their rejection from other programs. For intended parents, selecting the right agency is crucial both professionally and personally when identifying a suitable surrogate. ConceiveAbilities strongly advises against choosing surrogates from sources other than reputable agencies. Working independently without the support and guidance provided by a full-service agency is generally not advisable for discerning, responsible, and healthy gestational surrogates.

      The surrogacy process typically spans 15 to 18 months on average once a match is made. However, individual journeys may vary in duration. Partnering with a reputable surrogacy agency staffed with experienced subject matter experts dedicated to your journey is key to expediting the process.

      The cost of surrogacy can vary widely depending on various factors such as the country or state where the surrogacy is being arranged, the specific services provided by the surrogacy agency, medical expenses, legal fees, and compensation for the surrogate mother. On average, surrogacy can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000 or more in the United States. It’s important to consult with a reputable surrogacy agency to get a detailed breakdown of the costs involved and to understand the financial aspects of the surrogacy process.

      The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine can vary depending on several factors such as the specific services provided by the surrogacy agency, medical expenses, legal fees, and compensation for the surrogate mother. On average, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine ranges from $50,000 to $80,000 USD. However, it’s important to note that additional expenses may apply, including medical procedures, agency fees, legal fees, and other related costs. It’s advisable to consult with a reputable surrogacy agency in Ukraine to get a detailed breakdown of the costs involved and to understand the financial aspects of the surrogacy process in that country.