About Us

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The Foundation’s mission

To help women with infertility and conception problems

We provide information
women around the world about infertility, conception, pregnancy, and how to support their emotional health.
We believe
that maintaining health, both physical and emotional, is the most important part.
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Our goal

To create a community of women who inspire, help and motivate women around the world to take the path to physical and emotional health, and provide women with the most current and accurate information on infertility.

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We want

women in our community to communicate with each other, to share their experiences, to help other women cope with infertility or conception problems.

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We believe

that the personal example of our community members will help others to become more confident in their abilities, and will help thousands of women to realize their dreams of happy parenthood.

Join us

Find your inspiration to connect with others like you and strive to better yourself, your health, and the health of your family.

Nonprofit Foundation MATERITY WITHOUT BORDERS with EIC 206466067 is a nonprofit organization registered for public benefit and performs only and exclusively nonprofit activities aimed at informing about infertility, conception and pregnancy.

The non-profit MATERITY WITHOUT BORDERS Foundation and its platform surrogacy.institute is dedicated to providing educational information in a variety of formats. Although we create content on our site that is as relevant and high quality as possible, it should not be taken as advice and you should always consider your health condition before applying the recommendations provided on this site. You should consult with your physician before applying our recommendations.

The Foundation team is not responsible for any inaccuracies or misinterpretations of the information on this site. Always consult your doctor when it comes to your health.