How to prepare your body for pregnancy: a step-by-step plan


Bearing and giving birth to a child is a natural process, which, however, requires a huge amount of resources from the female body. Therefore, to prepare the body for pregnancy is a reasonable decision, useful for both mother and child. In this article, we will tell you in detail what steps future parents should take to give birth to healthy heirs.

The methods to prepare the body for pregnancy can be conditionally divided into two groups: medical examinations and normalization of the lifestyle. Let’s dwell on each in more detail.

Medical examinations for planning pregnancy

To give the world a new life is not only great happiness, but also a test of the strength of the female body. How to prepare the body for conception is necessary to know not only for the woman, but also for the future father: the health of the child depends on both parents. Even a healthy pregnancy can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases, cause disruption of the functioning of organs and systems due to increased stress. Therefore, it is important to know how to prepare the body for conception in order to minimize harm both to yourself and to the child. Start by visiting doctors:

  1. Therapist (general assessment of health status, prescribing vaccinations (for example, against measles and rubella), referrals for examination to specialized specialists).
  2. Gynecologist (monitoring the state of the reproductive system, prescribing the necessary tests) – for women.
  3. Dentist (inflammation in the oral cavity affects sex hormones).
  4. Andrologist (monitoring the state of the male reproductive system, prescribing the necessary tests) – for men.
  5. Geneticist (in the presence of hereditary diseases in close relatives or family planning of a woman after 35 years and a man after 40 years).

In the presence of chronic diseases, visit all specialized specialists to monitor the condition and prescribe treatment if necessary. A man and a woman must pass the blood tests to determine the Rh factor and blood group.

If a woman has a positive Rh factor, no further action is required. If negative, an analysis is required for antibodies to the man’s Rh factor (even if he is also negative). If antibodies are detected, pregnancy should be postponed for the time of adjustment. With a negative antibody test, repeat the study once a month, starting at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

If a woman has 0(I) blood group, and a man has A(II), B(III) or AB(IV), there is a possibility of incompatibility in blood groups. In this case, the study of group antibodies and antibodies to the Rh factor is repeated once a month, starting at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Important: do not plan a pregnancy earlier than 2-3 months after taking antibiotics and earlier than 1 month with any medication.

For convenience, we present a table with analyzes and procedures to prepare the body for pregnancy:

Woman Man
Colposcopy Spermogram
Ultrasound of the pelvic organs
Smear, PCR for hidden infections, blood test for TORCH-complex, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C
Chest fluorography
General clinical analysis of blood and urine
Antibodies to rubella, toxoplasma, herpes, CMV, chlamydia (quantitative analysis with a titer)


Note: Pregnancy should be postponed by 3 months after rubella vaccination.

The rest of the necessary tests are prescribed by a therapist or specialized specialists according to indications.

Now you know how to prepare the body for conception from a medical point of view. Moving on to lifestyle changes.

How to prepare your body for pregnancy: lifestyle

Ways to prepare the body for pregnancy necessarily include normalizing the lifestyle. To prepare the body for pregnancy, future parents need to do the following:

  • Give up smoking, alcohol and drugs;
  • Balance nutrition (more natural products);
  • Avoid stress;
  • Establish a sleep and rest routine.

Men 3 months before conception should avoid visiting saunas and hammams, heating the seats in the car, stop wearing tight synthetic underwear and tight-fitting jeans.

Before preparing the body for pregnancy, it will be very useful for women

normalize weight and give up intense physical activity.

The ways of preparing the body for pregnancy include taking folic acid, iodine medications and vitamin complexes. This measure is fair for both future parents, it is recommended to start three months before the planned conception. However, keep in mind an excess of iodine and folic acid can damage the onset of pregnancy and the formation of the fetus as much as a lack. An overdose of vitamin E and some trace elements can also negatively affect the onset and development of pregnancy. Therefore, it is very important to discuss these medications with your doctor.

Considering the ways of preparing the body for pregnancy, one cannot fail to mention tracking ovulation. To do this, a woman can use special ovulation tests available at the pharmacy. If the cycle is regular, 14-16 days from the beginning of menstruation are traditionally favorable for conception. However, it is worth making an important clarification: stay calm and positive, do not focus on the result. Stress is a very bad helper in conception, the manic expectation of two stripes already in the first month can only lead to tension within the couple and further delay the onset of pregnancy.

A healthy couple who has undergone all examinations, has cured all acute and chronic diseases and leads a healthy lifestyle and does not have reproductive problems have a 30% chance of pregnancy in the first 3 months. After 7 months, 60% of couples have a chance of conceiving a child, and after 11-12 months – 10%. It is worth passing extended examinations with specialists in reproductive medicine after 1 year of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child – if a woman is under 35 years old, and after 6 months – if she is 35 years old.

Love each other, lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the recommendations of doctors – in most cases, this is enough for the onset of a healthy pregnancy.

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