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Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a method of overcoming male and some types of female infertility by introducing sperm from a partner or donor into the uterine cavity. In this article, we will tell you in which cases the method is prescribed, how it is carried out, give IUI treatment success tips, and also tell you what you need to take care of after IUI.

IUI: application, advice, effectiveness

Intrauterine insemination is prescribed for couples and women without a permanent partner. The method is suitable for the treatment of cervical factor infertility (when sperm cannot penetrate into the uterine cavity through too thick cervical mucus), an abnormal structure of the genital organs that prevents natural conception. Intrauterine insemination is also prescribed with low mobility and a small number of sperm suitable for fertilization, infertility of unknown origin.

IUI treatment success tips include a thorough review of the reproductive history of the couple or woman seeking the procedure. The method has an efficiency of 12 to 30 percent, which is comparable to the efficiency of natural conception (about 25%). However, it is important that the following conditions are met:

  • woman’s age up to 35 years;
  • the term of infertility treatment is up to 6 years;
  • no problems with the patency of the fallopian tubes and hormonal disorders, less than four attempts to become pregnant using this method;
  • optimal sperm parameters for conception.

If your case does not meet these criteria the IUI treatment success tips are not relevant, it is worth considering the possibility of IVF.

IUI treatment success tips: preliminary preparation

In order to find out if intrauterine insemination is right for you, a couple or a woman should visit a reproductive center. After the initial consultation, a medical examination will be scheduled. A woman needs examinations of the following specialists and the following tests:

  1. Blood tests: biochemistry, group, Rh factor, antibodies and antigens.
  2. Smears for STIs, microflora, oncocytology.
  3. Coagulogram.
  4. Ultrasound of the thyroid and mammary glands, assessment of the patency of the fallopian tubes and the state of the uterine cavity.
  5. Fluorography, ECG.
  6. Examination by a therapist, mammologist and endocrinologist.

IUI treatment success tips prescribe a woman to abstain from sexual activity for a few days before the procedure, so as not to provoke spontaneous ovulation. In addition, tips before IUI is similar to advice before natural conception: giving up bad habits, excluding anxiety and increased physical activity, and, if possible, normalizing weight (both excess and lack of weight have a detrimental effect on the probability of conception).

Tips before IUI for a man

First of all, you need to understand whether a man’s biomaterial is suitable for the procedure. Therefore, a man will need:

  1. Examination by a urologist.
  2. Spermogram and MAR test.
  3. A smear for STIs.
  4. Blood test for antibodies and antigens, Rh factor and group.

Domestic IUI treatment success tips for men: a week before taking the tests, it is necessary to exclude stress, intense physical activity, hypothermia or overheating (it is strongly not recommended to visit hammams, saunas, swimming pools). Drinking alcohol is unacceptable; if possible, you should also quit smoking (or at least reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke). The interval between sexual contacts should be 3-5 days so that the quality of sperm does not decrease.

If the spermogram and MAR test show the unsuitability of the man’s biomaterial, the doctor may offer donor sperm as IUI treatment success tips.

Important: If the quality of sperm is reduced, this does not always mean the need to use a donor sperm. An andrologist’s program for improving sperm quality can increase sperm quality by 20%. This may be enough for successful fertilization.

Based on the results of examinations and analyzes, the doctor decides on the advisability of carrying out intrauterine insemination in the natural cycle or with the use of hormone therapy. Depending on the decision made, the stage of preparation for the procedure begins.

IUI treatment success tips: on the eve of the procedure

At this stage, IUI treatment success tips prescribe very little for a man: on the day of artificial insemination, arrive at the reproductive clinic an hour and a half before the partner and donate sperm. If the future father has a low amount of ejaculate, it will be necessary to pass it several times in advance. In this case, the ejaculate will be frozen for later use.

After receiving the sperm is cleaned with a special solution, passed through a centrifuge, and the most motile spermatozoa are selected. Immediately after, you can start artificial insemination.

An interesting fact: donor ejaculate is stored in the refrigerator for six months before use. This helps to exclude diseases and other abnormalities.

As for the woman, the IUI treatment success tips will vary depending on the method of manipulation. If in the natural cycle, then the doctor, using folliculometry, monitors the state of the ovaries in order to establish the day of ovulation, on which the manipulation will be carried out.

If artificial insemination is carried out against the background of hormonal stimulation, then from the second day of the menstrual cycle, the woman begins to take medications strictly on schedule to accelerate the maturation of the egg. Further, the state of the follicles is monitored, and when the egg is mature enough, the woman is given an injection of human beta-chorionic gon***tropin to start ovulation. After that, you can proceed directly to insemination.

IUI treatment success tips: during the procedure

At this stage, the main IUI treatment success tip is to relax and do whatever the doctor says.

The procedure will not take longer than 50 minutes and will not cause pain. The doctor will inject 0.3-0.6 ml of purified semen into the uterine cavity. It will take 2-3 minutes for the introduction of the biomaterial, since gradualness helps to avoid shock contraction of the uterus. The main thing to take care of after IUI is to lie down quietly for 30-40 minutes.

For the rest, IUI treatment success tips are to eliminate physical and mental overload, banning hammams, saunas and swimming pools. You also need to take the prescribed medications exactly as prescribed. In case of emergency, to take a medication that wasn’t prescribed, but after consultation with your doctor.

Another important IUI treatment success tip is to abstain from sexual acts for several days.

The first thing to take care of after IUI is a good mood and peace of mind. You don’t have to obsessively listen to every sensation in your body. The only accurate indicators of the onset of pregnancy are the analysis for hCG (7 days after insemination) and ultrasound examination after 3 weeks. Be patient, trust your doctor and remember: pregnancy will definitely happen. Time and number of attempts are secondary.

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