Tips to help you get pregnant: step by step towards your goal


Tips to help you get pregnant: step by step towards your goal

So you’ve decided to have a baby. Like anyone, you want your baby to be healthy, so you need tips on how to boost fertility when trying to conceive. All in all, nothing complicated. In short, you need to undergo medical examinations and lead a healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will systematize and concretize tips to increase your chances of pregnancy for your convenience.

Tips when trying to conceive: start in advance

Preparation should begin with a lifestyle analysis. If you drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs, then the main tip to boost fertility is to eliminate these habits. They are incompatible with bearing and giving birth to healthy offspring. Ideally, this should be done a year before trying to conceive, but if your age is approaching 30, get rid of bad habits in 3 months. After 30 years, the ability to conceive begins to decline, so it is better to start preparing in advance. The need to quit bad habits also applies to the future father.

Simplified scheme of preparation for conception and pregnancy looks like this:

  • Analysis of lifestyle: identification and elimination of bad habits;
  • Medical examinations;
  • Minor lifestyle adjustments (normalization of nutrition, daily routine, etc.).

After the basic bad habits before the birth of a new life have been eliminated, you can proceed to in-depth medical examinations. The future mom and dad should both visit a therapist, dentist and, according to indications, genetics (if someone in the family has cases of hereditary diseases, a woman’s age is over 35, a man is over 40). The woman must additionally be examined by a gynecologist and, if necessary, a mammologist. The gynecologist will give professional tips to boost fertility. A man should visit an andrologist, where he can also receive tips when trying to conceive a child.

Important: Only at first glance, it is strange to see a visit to the dentist among the tips to increase the chances of pregnancy. However, in fact, the connection is direct: inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity negatively affect sex hormones.

Referral for tests, consultations with specialized specialists, prescribing vaccinations (for example, against measles and rubella) is the competence of the therapist. Keep in mind that these vaccinations mean you have to postpone conception for another three months.

As for the tests that must be passed by both future parents and each spouse separately, most of them can be passed at the clinic at the place of residence. And only a few are made in private laboratories. By the way, experts from private laboratories, after analyzing tips to increase the chances of pregnancy, offer package analysis programs for future parents. Mandatory research for both partners includes:

  1. Antibodies to rubella, toxoplasma, herpes, CMV, chlamydia (quantitative analysis with a titer).
  2. Smears for STIs, PCR for hidden infections, blood tests for TORCH infections, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C.
  3. Fluorography of the chest organs.

A woman needs to do additionally: colposcopy, ultrasound of the pelvic organs, general blood and urine tests. A man – a spermogram.

Another important tip to help you get pregnant: find out each other’s blood type and Rh factor. There is an incompatibility in blood groups: for example, groups A(II),B(III),AB(IV) for a man and 0(I) for a woman. If this is your case, it will be necessary to monitor group antibodies and antibodies to Rh factor once a month from 8 weeks of pregnancy.

As for the Rh factor: a woman’s positive is a reason not to think about this issue anymore. In the case of a negative, the matter becomes a little more complicated: you need to do an analysis for antibodies to the Rh factor of a man (it does not matter if it is positive or negative). If antibodies are detected, the pregnancy will have to be postponed in order to make an adjustment. If the test did not detect antibodies, starting from 8 weeks of pregnancy it must be repeated once a month.

Some more tips to boost fertility: be sure to cure chronic and acute diseases, stop taking antibiotics and any other medications. After completing the course of antibiotics, start trying to conceive in 2-3 months, after any other drugs – in a month.

This completes the medical measures of preparation for pregnancy, you can consider tips to boost fertility by normalizing your lifestyle.

Tips to boost fertility: live a healthy life

Approximately three months before conception, along with attending preventive medical examinations, it is necessary to start a healthy lifestyle. The first on the list of tips to help get pregnant is healthy nutrition. To begin with, exclude fast food, smoked meats, ready-made food, sweet soda, coffee and caffeinated products, sweet and flour products. Instead, your diet should include fatty fish and seafood, a lot of fiber and folate (vegetables, fruits), fatty dairy products, vegetable oils, nuts, whole grains, beans.

The remaining tips to help you get pregnant are as follows:

  1. Establish a sleep pattern.
  2. Eliminate intense physical activity, leave gymnastics.
  3. Do not visit the hammam, sauna, swimming pool.
  4. Normalize weight (both low and overweight greatly reduce fertility).
  5. Avoid stress.
  6. Walk more often in the fresh air.
  7. Track ovulation using tests or calendar method.
  8. The interval between sexual contacts should be 3-5 days at the beginning of the cycle, you need to switch to daily contacts a week before ovulation.

Do not rush to learn fertility treatment tips if you were unable to get pregnant in the first month without contraception. If a woman is under 35 years old, then the normal period of attempts is 1 year, if over 35 – six months. If conception does not occur within the specified time, this is a reason to contact a fertility specialist for infertility treatment tips.

There are no universal household tips for the treatment of infertility and cannot be. Only a doctor, after a thorough examination, can establish the cause and type of infertility, as well as choose an adequate method to overcome it.

Follow the advice from the article, do not worry and do not push yourself – pregnancy often happens immediately after it ceases to be an overvalued idea. If you did not manage to get pregnant within the specified time frame, there is still no reason for despair. As embryologists say: “If there was a uterus, there would be a pregnancy.” And even if there is no uterus, there is a surrogate mother.

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