Where to look for a surrogate mother?


Whether the program is successful or not depends largely on the right choice of a surrogate. Happy parents who have applied to a good agency or clinic have personally experienced that finding a surrogate mother and legal support of surrogacy programs is better left to a specialized company that has a database of surrogate mothers who are ready to carry and nurture a baby.

However, there are some alternative variants, which we will consider in the present article and try to puzzle out the advantages and disadvantages of all the variants in order to make the statement about asking a professional agency for help in this question not to look unfounded.

Searching for a surrogate mother among your relatives and friends

Using the help of a relative or friend is a good option. A big plus of this method is that relatives and friends usually agree to carry the baby without compensation. The parents only have to pay for IVF, pregnancy care, and childbirth. But there are some ambiguities. First, it is extremely rare to find women among relatives and friends who not only agree to help, but also are in good health. Secondly, even in the process of pregnancy can cause psychological difficulties.


When we enter a variety of online communities, we are exposed to a flood of information that often presents us with objective or distorted information. And sometimes people do find good and responsible women through whom they find their happiness. But, unfortunately, there are more negative experiences. What are the risks and complications one may encounter when choosing a surrogate through an online advertisement?

– The woman may disappear immediately after receiving money for tests and travel.

– The candidate may mislead her parents about her health condition.

– Even after the embryo transfer and pregnancy occurs, it may turn out that the surrogate’s assurances of her responsibility were empty words.

– You may be faced with a change in the amount of financing that the surrogate mother may request.

– Also, a psychological state and awareness of your role as a surrogate mother is not an insignificant moment. Only an experienced specialist can help you here.

– Well, and talk about how much time and energy you will need to control the surrogate chosen by you.

On the one hand, a skillfully drawn up surrogacy contract can protect both the parents and the surrogate mother. On the other hand, it is very hard to find lawyers specialized in reproductive technologies. It is a vicious circle.

Surrogate matching at the base of a professional agency

This is the safest and most tested way to find a surrogate that has been tested by hundreds of couples. If you apply to a good agency, the managers will choose a candidate from the large database on the basis of your individual inquiries and preferences. And, the choice will take place among the women who have already passed the interview with the agency’s specialists and examination in a good specialized clinic. The only choice you need to make is “that one”, your surrogate mother. Then the in-house lawyers, who are specialists in assisting reproductive programmes, will draw up a competent agreement for you, taking into consideration all the nuances and risks.

You should use the knowledge and skills of experienced professionals to avoid misunderstandings.

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