Who is the reproductive doctor?


How to choose a good specialist?

Unfortunately, in recent years more and more couples are becoming infertile. Those who have already encountered this problem should not despair, reproductology can help them solve it. However, before seeking help from a specialist, you need to understand who the doctor reproductologist and what he does, as well as choose the best reproductologist who can help cope with the trouble.

Who is he – a reproductologist?

A reproductologist is a doctor who deals with the problems of human reproductive function. Usually this specialty is trained by gynecologists, urologists, endocrinologists or general practitioners, taking additional special courses for this purpose.


The reproductologist’s task is to identify the causes of the non-occurrence of pregnancy for 1-1.5 years, without the use of contraception. And, of course, to identify ways to solve the problem for the couple. Medical discoveries and today’s technology make it possible to solve virtually any female or male fertility problem. Today, thanks to assisted reproductive technology (ART), the reproductologist gives hope to almost every couple to become happy parents.

Where can I find “my” reproductologist?

Can anyone anywhere in the world give me precise coordinates of where to find a reproductologist, a miracle worker? Someone who will take one look at you and flip through your medical history and immediately give you the right recommendations. Is it all about professionalism and are there any special doctors from God?

There are no secret codes or secrets on how to figure out your doctor. A competent reproductive doctor is literally “worth his weight in gold”, regardless of where he practices in the metropolis or in a small town.

The choice of a doctor may be based on the influence of advertising, advice from friends, and, of course, inspired by the all-powerful and all-knowing Internet. Statistically, more than half of patients make a decision about choosing a clinic or doctor by looking at reviews on specialized sites.

Do not forget that reviews, both negative and positive, may not be real, so here you need to double-check the information, and preferably on different resources. Especially credible forums where real patients communicate with a particular doctor reproductive clinic or clinic in general.

We will not talk about the obvious things, of course, before your first visit, you’re all equipped – gathered maximum information about the chosen doctor, namely: experience in assisted reproductive technology, the statistics of positive results, credibility, attitude towards patients.

Man or woman – who is the best reproductologist?

If we make a poll, opinions are divided and arguments lead to a dead end. But the only truth is that the first impression, it is the most correct and true, the feeling can not be cheated. And it does not matter if the person in front of you is a renowned medical expert or a young doctor. Trust yourself, your heart and intuition, not just regalia and merit.

Your first appointment with a fertility doctor.

You come in with a stack of examinations already done before, and he, without even looking, refers you to the new examinations in the laboratory of his clinic. Sound familiar? Yes, it costs a lot, but usually, if the tests were done in a certified reputable laboratory and the tests are not expired, a professional will not insist on repeated tests, except in cases that clearly require clarification. Undoubtedly, a good doctor will make objective conclusions of the passed stages of treatment on the basis of already existing and new examinations.

Infertility treatment program cannot be cheap to begin with, because reproductive doctor is an employee of a clinic that specializes in solving reproductive problems with the help of high-tech, but unfortunately expensive, procedures. You have to be prepared for that, but at the same time, the “right” fertility doctor will always give you a choice between several treatment courses, without compromising the quality and the expected results. Yes, the doctor usually directs you to buy medicines at the clinic’s pharmacy, but not only because of financial interest. First, he is confident in the quality and proper storage, which cuts off the likely causes of ineffective treatment. Second, consider the fact that the performance indicator for the doctor is much more important, markups or surcharges for pills sold. After all, his demand, experience, and professionalism are a formula for status and prestige. That is why he will control everything from start to finish.

Not your doctor. Well, it happens.

He is an excellent specialist, he is recommended and praised by everyone, he has helped hundreds of couples. You come in for a consultation and you get disappointed. There are times when you are meticulously explained what you already know, it annoys you, you say, and you do not hear, or they try to impose some unacceptable solution. No contact – do not try, tested the bitter experience of more than one woman. In any case, the fact that you are not your doctor – your female intuition will confirm, do not resist, yet today is the choice, even if you have to travel to another city for treatment.

We hope that our article will help you to choose the best doctor in your opinion.

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